Our Hatchery


Clean Seas is the global leader in full cycle breeding, production and sales of Yellowtail Kingfish.

At our Arno Bay hatchery, the cycle of life commences with eggs, spawned naturally from our selectively bred brood stock.

The eggs are carefully transferred to an incubator where they hatch just 48 hours later. The newly hatched larvae are gently counted before residing in custom designed larval rearing tanks.

For the next 18-21 days, these larvae are hand nurtured and fed a highly nutritious diet of rotifers and artemia until ready for transfer to the nursery for weaning.

Here our tiny hatchlings weighing just one-tenth of a gram are given a specially formulated feed that replicates the ideal diet they would naturally eat in the wild.

At 75 days old the fingerlings, now weighing up to 35 grams, can be moved to our sea farm in the crystal clear waters surrounding Port Lincoln. The fingerlings are helicoptered into large, open sea pens numerous times a year.