Our Farm


From 75 days old, our Yellowtail Kingfish reside in our sea farm surrounding Port Lincoln, in the Spencer Gulf. By any measure, the Spencer Gulf is one of the cleanest bodies of water in Australia. There is nothing between the water where the Yellowtail Kingfish are raised and the Antarctic but the icy, vast expanse of the Southern Ocean. 

While at sea, they continue to be fed specially formulated feed which is balanced for optimal nutrition and growth. Clean Seas considers research fundamental to product quality, sustainability and business success.

Our team of experts collaborates extensively with world-leading institutions and our proprietary studies have resulted in reducing dependence on fish meal and fish oil in feeds, significantly lowering the Fish Conversion Ratio.

Never content with the status quo, Clean Seas is committed to continual innovation and improvement through R&D to ensure the highest quality grade while improving sustainability and reducing environmental impact in the process.

Safeguarded against predators and encountering minimal stress along the way (which is key to producing healthy, delicious fish), our fish remain at sea until they are 16-24 months and are harvested humanely once they reach the highly sought after sashimi grade size of 4+kgs. Once harvested the fish are immediately placed in chilled seawater and transported to our processing facility.